Social media giant Facebook has launched a series of initiatives to boost UK's small businesses by helping them reach more customers - including a Facebook toolkit produced in association with Enterprise Nation.

The free Boost Your Business With Facebook guide covers everything you need to know to get the most out of the social media platform that's used by around one in three small enterprises in the UK, from setting up a page to engaging fans and using advertising effectively.

Advertising credits

The guide is being released in support of a new Facebook advertising credits programme that will be available to businesses in Britain before any other European country.  The 'Business Boost' programme will enable 50,000 businesses with more than 50 fans in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy to register for £20 of Facebook advertising credit. If they increase their fanbase, they'll get the chance to apply for a further £60 of credit.

Face-to-face support

The roll-out of the Business Boost programme will be supported by free breakfast workshops in six British cities this summer. Run by the British Chambers of Commerce, the workshops will offer practical advice on marketing and growth - having already visited Birmingham and Glasgow, the roadshow is now heading for Manchester, Sunderland, Sheffield and London.

Helping small firms prosper

“Many small businesses have thrived despite difficult economic conditions in recent years, thanks to savvy entrepreneurs spotting the opportunity to benefit from new technologies which bring people closer together," said Facebook’s UK and Ireland policy director, Simon Milner. "We want more businesses to prosper in this way, which is why we are rolling out this series of initiatives to give all businesses, whatever their digital experience to date, the confidence to use Facebook as an efficient and highly rewarding platform for growth.” David Riches, commercial director at the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “Sites like Facebook are great platforms for businesses to share ideas, gain advice and promote the good work that so many of them are doing up and down the country. This is why we are supporting the Business Boost programme, as it will give businesses the chance to connect with new audiences and reach potential new customers. It will be the private sector that drives the economic recovery, so any efforts to help companies expand and create new opportunities for growth should be strongly encouraged.”

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Robert Harper
Robert Harper

This initiative is penalising small businesses for inadvertently not having used the 'correct' initial procedure of stating 'Local Business' at the moment they started their Facebook Page. If you happened to have realised that you were using the wrong type of 'label' within Facebook's system even seconds after creating your businesses page, then you are stuffed. You will not be able to apply for this marketing/advertising support from Facebook. You must have created your business page at the very first moment of creation through the Facebook 'Local Business' tab on the pages setup. It is not good enough to have changed it to a local business after creation. I imagine this is Facebook trying to stop every business from attempting to momentarily change their business type. But I cannot believe that Facebook doesn't know when any such change might have occurred and in many instances would clearly see that such a change to a 'Local Business' had been made prior to this initiative even being thought of at Facebook HQ.

Very disappointed.

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