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Enterprise Nation's Emma Jones on Autumn Budget 2017: A solid Budget to get UK into good shape for Brexit

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, comments on today's Autumn Budget.

"This was a solid budget with a strong emphasis on the Industrial Strategy, technology and R&D and getting the UK into good shape for Brexit and beyond.

"This is what we've been saying for a while should be the role of government when it comes to enterprise creation and support; build the right environment and conditions for businesses to prosper and thrive, and then let businesses do what they do best. 

"The Industrial Strategy is clearly a central focus for this government and should take into account the smaller companies that UK PLC needs to continue to drive economic growth.

"There was no reference in the Budget to Growth Hubs but the investment made in the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine will come as welcome news for our members operating in these regions. 

"The VAT move did not happen which is a relief, as is the move on Enterprise Investment Scheme, which will ensure funds continue to flow into early stage start-ups.

"We welcome the investment in digital skills and training plus computer coding and maths in schools which will build a workforce for the future.

"In line with some of today's corny jokes, dare we say it, this was a strong and stable Budget."

Replay live reaction to the Budget from a panel of experts here.

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