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Five reasons to start a business in 2018

on 04/01/2018

If you've returned from the Christmas break resolving this will be the year to become your own boss, Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones offers five good reasons as to why it's the perfect time to set and keep the resolution.

Attend the UK’s biggest start-up show, StartUp 2018, on 13 January to hear from more than 100 speakers across 10 stages. Access all you need to start a business, in the space of a day.

Categories: Business technology, Starting your business, Business premises, Working from home, Sales and marketing, Web, Business ideas, Business planning, and Emma Jones

Ask Emma: How do I scale my business with support from a large corporate?

on 13/11/2017

When most founders think about scaling, we think about doing so through hiring people, raising finance, or maybe going global. But have you considered that you can achieve all the benefits of scale through partnering with a large corporate? Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones shares some advice.

Put your business questions to Emma Jones in a Facebook Live Q&A on 15 November at 12.30pm.

Categories: Suppliers and trade, Growing your business, Business planning, and Emma Jones

Enterprise Nation founder Emma Jones' 10 steps for starting a business [DOWNLOAD]

on 08/11/2017

Having started a business in the 1990s, selling it after two years and growing Enterprise Nation, our founder Emma Jones' knowledge of what it takes to start a company is massive! We've collated some of those tips in a brilliant new guide. Download it today.

Categories: Business technology, Growing your business, Starting your business, Business premises, Working from home, Sales and marketing, Web, Accounting and tax, Business ideas, Business planning, Business law, Funding, Money and cashflow, and Emma Jones