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How many small businesses are there?

on 18/10/2012

What an intriguing coincidence (or is it a coincidence at all?), writes Enterprise Nation editor Simon Wicks – just a day after a meeting at Number 10 to determine how to ‘count’ the number of small businesses in the UK, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills publishes its annual Business Population Estimates. Though an estimate, rather than something based on exact figures, this is as authoritative as it gets and it makes for interesting reading. Here’s a snapshot and some of my thoughts…

Categories: Employing people and Campaigning

The Enterprise Nation business group survey: Full results

on 06/03/2013

A few weeks ago, we asked you to participate in a survey about business group membership – and we had a fantastic response! In all, 1209 people filled out the questionnaire and you gave us some great information about your attitudes to business groups and membership bodies. Here's the full set of survey results.

Category: Campaigning

The Enterprise Nation Quarterly Survey

on 06/03/2013

Today we're launching a major project to find out more about the UK's start-ups and growing businesses. The Enterprise Nation Quarterly Survey will take place every three months (of course!) and – we hope – provide us with an accurate snapshot of the UK's thriving micro-business sector.

Category: Campaigning

Poll result: How long have you been running your business?

on 16/04/2013

Our homepage poll asked: ‘How long have you been running your business?’ The results were interesting, and tell us a lot about the Enterprise Nation readership. Just over 40% of poll respondents have yet to actually start their business; there’s an even spread of businesses less than a year old and 1-5 years old and, as expected, fewer who are older than this.

Category: Campaigning

Quarterly Survey: Why we need to rethink how we help micro-businesses grow

on 10/05/2013

Enterprise Nation editor Simon Wicks continues his look at the results of our inaugural Quarterly Small Business Survey with a review of what the UK’s emerging enterprises had to say on sources of funding, revenue from trading and their growth plans and argues that we need to radically rethink the large scale support we're offering to these businesses.

Category: Campaigning

10 recommendations to help small businesses grow

on 20/09/2013

We're teaming up with Sage One to help every small business in the UK grow by just 10 per cent. If this is achieved, an extra £21bn will be added to the UK economy. We're taking this message to the government, along with the 10 recommendations your feedback has helped us put together. Read each in full, then vote for your favourites...

Categories: Growing your business and Campaigning