WhatsApp Business app: How to manage customers and drive sales

WhatsApp Business app: How to manage customers and drive sales

Posted: Wed 1st Dec 2021

In recent research, 35% of small business owners said they were reluctant to adopt new technology because there was no expert advice to guide them.

With this in mind, Enterprise Nation and WhatsApp have joined forces to educate and support small businesses on the benefits of implementing and using technology, such as WhatsApp’s free business app.

A new partnership

Through the partnership, Enterprise Nation members in the UK will receive the training and best-practice tips they need to grow their businesses and build loyal and trusted relationships with new and existing customers.

Although WhatsApp is the world’s most popular private messaging service – with over two billion users across the globe – its free-to-use business app, created specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, is less well known.

The app is designed to help small business owners:

  • connect with customers

  • showcase key products and services

  • take orders

  • answer customers’ questions quickly

Getting started with the app

For any business thinking of using the WhatsApp Business app, Enterprise Nation adviser Emma Murray of ELM Social Media has a simple tip.

“Make sure people know WhatsApp is a contact option for your business. Create a post and share it regularly on your social channels, or make a short video to show people where they can find the contact button on your page. This will ensure smooth communication between you and your customers.”

Business opportunities

With over 50 million users worldwide, and 175 million messages being sent to a WhatsApp business account each day, the opportunities for small businesses are huge.

“The app lets customers talk to a business the same way they chat with their friends and family, allowing them to place orders, make enquiries or browse products,” says Akua Gyekye, public policy lead at WhatsApp.

“It gives businesses an easy way to stay connected to their customers, close sales and get business done.

“During the pandemic, we’ve heard so many examples in which WhatsApp has been described as an absolute lifeline for small businesses. As the country looks to recover, maintaining meaningful customer relationships has never been more important.”

Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, says: “Looking after your existing customers is essential for every business, but it can sometimes get neglected in favour of winning new business.

“Technology has played a huge role in supporting small businesses over the last 18 months and WhatsApp is making customer service a great experience for both the customer and small business owners.”


Relevant resources

Use the WhatsApp Business app to:

Enterprise Nation has helped thousands of people start and grow their businesses. Led by founder, Emma Jones CBE, Enterprise Nation connects you to the resources and expertise to help you succeed.

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