Lunch and Learn: Growth forecasting - how you can grow your business

Oliver Spark
Oliver SparkSweet Analytics Limited

Posted: Wed 5th Jan 2022

Watch back: Growth forecasting - how you can grow your business

Do you dread forecasting? Is your forecasting mainly guesswork? Does it feel like you’re knitting fog?

Growth forecasting is fundamental to business success as it forms the basis for your financial and operational decisions.

Watch back this recorded Lunch and Learn, to hear from Oliver Spark, the CEO of Sweet Analytics Limited, who talks about how understanding your customer data will help you develop plans with confidence. Ollie discusses key metrics and how gathering and understanding your customer data is fundamental to your planning cycle.

Oliver is an experienced marketing-led multi-channel retailer, who grew The White Company from £6m to £50m. He now has developed a Customer Analytics Marketing Platform, Sweet Analytics, to provide marketing professionals with the information he always wished he had when he was working in retail.

Key takeaways from this session:

- Why every business must have a customer forecasting model and what it is

- What metrics your customer model must include

- How to use your model to deliver your growth targets 

Oliver Spark
Oliver SparkSweet Analytics Limited
Founder of Sweet Analytics - the Marketing Data Platform I always needed as a multichannel retailer. Connecting all marketing platforms giving a true SVC. Essential for customer retention, acquisition and growth.

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