Go and Grow Online: Eight pricing strategies to maximise your business profit

Brian Cooney
Brian CooneySLIA Consultancy Ltd.

Posted: Fri 22nd Jul 2022

In this webinar, Go and Grow Online trainer Brian Cooney discusses the key considerations when creating a benchmark for your pricing in the marketplace.

Find out how you can adapt your online selling strategy and what pitfalls to avoid when choosing your strategy.

This training is for small business owners who want to understand how to adapt their pricing strategy to their customer and marketplace and maximise their profit.

Key takeaways from this session:​

  • The eight pricing strategies

  • Mistakes to avoid with the pricing strategy

  • How to increase your sales through pricing offers

  • What to consider when selling your products or services online


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Brian Cooney
Brian CooneySLIA Consultancy Ltd.
After successfully completing over 12 years of consulting with companies on a 1:1 basis on their business and financial performance I am now entering the training world to engage my passion for teaching, training, guiding and mentoring entrepreneurs, founders and business owners to thrive financially. I am here to offer you the opportunity to benefit from my expertise in Pricing and Cash Flow Management. I am proud to be known as The Price Mentor and I would be proud to teach you The Price Code Methodology

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