Lunch and Learn: Building the new breed of business

Danielle Thompson
Danielle ThompsonSustainablee

Posted: Fri 9th Jul 2021

Watch back: Building the new breed of business

Danielle Thompson's move into entrepreneurship was firstly driven by an itch to do her own thing and see where it went, but her decision to specialise in the world of sustainability was inspired by her very own step-children. As she watched them both enter the working world, Danielle felt embarrassed about what they would find.

Danielle made it her mission to help build a working world where balancing profit and purpose is just business as usual. Introducing the 'New Breed of Business'. 

Danielle's business, Sustainablee, launched in May 2021, with a full roster of clients, already! She mainly works with established businesses, to help them work towards B Corp accreditation, or to get started on their responsible business journey. In the future, Danielle plans on launching workshops and programmes to help owners of start-up's and emerging businesses build in the processes, systems and ways of working, which allow them to build a business from the start.

Watch back, to hear Danielle Thompson talk about her passion for creating a working world for the next generation, where balancing profit and purpose is just business as usual.

Danielle Thompson
Danielle ThompsonSustainablee
I am helping to build a new breed of business. My mission is to help to build a working world where balancing profit and purpose is just business as usual.  As my step-children enter the world of work over the next few years, I am embarrassed about what they will find. The world in which they operate is diverse, inclusive and feels equal, but they will join a working world where this is still not the case. As a female, my step-daughter, Anna will still be disadvantaged in the workplace. They both will likely experience archaic work practices that are out of line with their desire for flexibility and belonging. As they look at the natural world around them, they want to take action to reverse the damage being done. They will, however, find an industrial world still talking about action but not willing to make changes. When they look at how companies are managed, they will often find that profit comes ahead of the impact on society and community. For their generation, these values are more important than wealth or material goods. With a career spanning the corporate and SME worlds, I am in the privileged position to be able to help business owners and leaders build businesses that are sustainable both from a profit and society perspective. The two are not mutually exclusive and I am out to prove it. Even more than that, I am out to help make it happen. I help startups, emerging businesses, and established companies in the following ways: ☕️ FREE business assessment tool you can complete in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee 📂 Workshops and programmes to help support people to take action in their own business 🥇 Hands-on support and implementation support for companies getting started on their B Corp journey and building it into their business strategy.

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