The complete press kit for small business

The complete press kit for small business

Posted: Fri 17th Oct 2014

Writing a press release costs nothing but your time, yet it can generate thousands of pounds' worth of publicity. Include the key 9 items outlined here, download the template, follow the UK' s leading 55 small business journalists on Twitter and your press kit is complete!

Your press release should have an attention-grabbing headline, the main facts in the first sentence, and evidence and quotes from as high-profile people and companies as possible in the main body of the text. Include great quality images wherever you can to lift the piece and put a face to the brand.

If you're emailing a press release to journalists, write the text in the body of the email and include it in an attachment, too.

Here's what your press release should include:

  1. Attention-grabbing headline

  2. The first line is punchy and explains the what, who, why and where of the headline

  3. Back up the headline and first sentence with more detail - facts and figures if you have them

  4. Include a quote from you (or your business partner, if relevant)

  5. Can you include a quote from someone else? A happy customer, industry expert or celebrity?

  6. End with a call to action. Where can people go to find out more/how to download the report/which site to visit to claim a free gift, etc.?

  7. Include 'Notes to Editors', with brief details on you and your company

  8. Remember to include contact details - your email address and telephone number

  9. Attach a relevant and interesting image

You could also use a press-release distribution service to secure wider exposure. Options include Response Source but there's also PR Newswire and PRWeb.

... If you don't get a response, follow up!

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