Tech Hub digital drop-in: How Instagram can increase your sales

Laura Burton
Laura BurtonWell Happy Business

Posted: Tue 26th Mar 2024

In this session, Laura Burton shares top tips on how to use Instagram to increase sales.

Laura is a mentor and positive psychology coach for business owners who want to increase their revenue online without the overwhelm. She is the founder of Well Happy Business, where entrepreneurs can learn about sales, marketing, strategy and wellbeing in one place.

Laura was voted one of the most inspirational female entrepreneurs of 2023 by Small Business Britain, has owned three businesses and spent 15 years working for FTSE companies in global roles as a people expert.

Key takeaways from this session

  • Discover how to leverage Instagram’s tools for your business

  • Learn to grow your audience and traffic

  • Uncover ways to increase your Instagram sales quickly and naturally

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Laura Burton
Laura BurtonWell Happy Business
I'm both an entrepreneur and certified Positive Psychology Coach, passionate about coaching business owners in strategy, performance and wellbeing. I pair my expertise of what makes people thrive from a happiness, performance, productivity and wellbeing perspective, with my expertise of launching 3 online businesses in product and service industries. If you want support in reaching your peak performance, creating your business strategy and being visible online without burning out, get in touch.

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