Sustainable Small Business Awards: Nominations are in! Here's who made the shortlist

Sustainable Small Business Awards: Nominations are in! Here's who made the shortlist

Posted: Fri 19th Aug 2022

At Enterprise Nation, we love to recognise small businesses across the UK that are making a conscious effort to be sustainable. We launched our Sustainable Small Business Awards to champion the achievements of our nation's small businesses.

Since the competition closed in early August, the judging panel has been hard at work whittling down a shortlist from the many entries we received. After some tough deliberation, here's who made the cut for the five awards categories.

Shortlisted businesses

Sustainable Business Transition Award

This award recognises established businesses that have broken down barriers, explored new opportunities and made changes in pursuit of a more sustainable society.

The shortlisted businesses are:

Read more about the nominees

Sustainability Changemaker Award

An award to celebrate an individual who is leading the way, and stands out for their passion for change, in the world of sustainability.

The six people shortlisted are:

Read more about the nominees

Sustainable Start-up Award

This award recognises businesses that formed after December 2020 and have since made considerable progress in growing and developing with sustainability at their core.

The shortlisted businesses are:

Read more about the nominees

Sustainable Scale-up Award

An award to recognise growing businesses that have been running for longer than 18 months and made significant environmental, social and economic changes in an effort to achieve a sustainable future.

The shortlisted businesses are:

  • Accelar (Tess Fitzgerald, consultant)

  • Fyto (Gregory Short, director)

  • ProtectBox (Kiran Bhagotra, founder and CEO)

  • AXIAH (Nikkie Hewton, office manager)

  • Unifi (Paul Sheedy, founder and CEO)

  • Y.O.U Underwear (Sarah Jordan, founder and CEO)

Read more about the nominees

Sustainable Next Generation Business Award

This award recognises young entrepreneurs, aged 18 to 24, who have shown progress in delivering on a commitment to net zero and helping other people do so too.

The shortlisted businesses are:

  • FFF (Roxanne Travers, founder)

  • Dynamic Servers (Paul Edworthy, managing director)

  • FuturED (Juan Dávila y Verdin, founder)

Read more about the nominees

What happens next

Enterprise Nation will announce the award-winners at the virtual event on 14 September, where keynote speaker Amanda Mackenzie OBE will talk about ways to overcome challenges in business.


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