Superfoodio: 'Enterprise Nation has been an incredible supporter of not only our business but all businesses.'

Superfoodio: 'Enterprise Nation has been an incredible supporter of not only our business but all businesses.'

Posted: Wed 5th Jul 2023

Superfoodio, remember them?

Many Enterprise Nation members – and indeed lovers of all things tasty – will instantly recognise this ever-growing, plant-based snacks company, founded by Nirali Mankodi and her husband Jag.

Having spoken to Enterprise Nation a couple of years ago (be sure to read the origin story here), we thought it was about time to touch base again, following Superfoodio's Small Business Marketplace appearance at StartUp Show 2023.

Co-founder Nirali brings us up to date in the world of Superfoodio, delivering dashes of inspiration along the way for prospective entrepreneurs hoping to achieve similar levels of success.

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We last caught up in December 2020 – how has your business evolved during this period?

In 2020, we had just launched our vegan peanut butter chocolate bars as part of our rebrand and new product launch.

Then in 2021, we were proud to achieve a milestone on our entrepreneur journey with the launch of Peanut Butter Buttons, a world-first product in the food industry which we developed from scratch.

Our family loves peanut butter and we wanted a simpler way to enjoy peanut buttery goodness on the go. The problem with carrying around a PB jar or a squeezy pack is that you always end up with sticky fingers and an oily mess, particularly not fun when you have a toddler!

That’s why we created our Peanut Butter Buttons that you can hold in your hand and enjoy by the handful. They are the perfect snack to satisfy that peanut butter craving anywhere, anytime with no mess and no fuss!

Today, we sell our products online and are also flying off the shelves in some of the finest stores including Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market and selected Co-op stores all over the UK.

How about as entrepreneurs? Do you and Jag also feel as if you’re evolving?

Yes absolutely! It’s been such a roller-coaster over the last few years for businesses of all sizes.

We’ve had Brexit, the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis. As entrepreneurs, we’ve had to think and act fast to keep the business going. We’ve also launched our biggest product range to date and seen the most growth in the business as customer demand for better-for-you products has skyrocketed.

It's safe to say that the last few years have felt like we are strapped into the front row seats of a wild roller-coaster ride! During these testing times, you grow as people and learn a lot about yourself.

Many hungry consumers will start seeing your products appearing in the Co-op! Tell me more about this amazing development!

We were so excited to launch our Peanut Butter Buttons with Co-op in October 2022.

The Co-op team have been so supportive of our brand and businesses. We have launched as part of their Apiary incubator, focused on small, mission-led businesses to grow through the retail channels.

We’re excited to grow with the Co-op and have some exciting launches coming up.

superfoodio chocolate

What advice would you give to other small businesses looking to make a breakthrough in this industry?

Building a business can be tough but when it's something you are truly passionate about, it makes it easier and justifies the hard times.

While growing your business, you must also remember to grow your network because the entrepreneur journey can be lonely. I feel lucky because Jagir and I are in it together but we always try to seize every networking opportunity that comes our way and appreciate those in our network who have advised us when we got things wrong.

So, my advice is to get out there and meet like-minded business people, whether in the same industry or beyond, as there is always something to learn along the way.

What role has Enterprise Nation played in Superfoodio’s journey?

Enterprise Nation has been an incredible supporter of not only our business but all business at any stage, with the community, tools and resources it provides.

We were incredibly grateful to be invited as panel members at the StartUp Show 2023 and be present in the Small Business Marketplace to sample and sell our delicious Choc bars and PB Buttons.

The day was an incredible opportunity to share our journey to date and meet so many amazing attendees.

What’s next for Superfoodio?

We have some very exciting plans, including new product launches and incredible partnerships and events. We can't wait to excite and delight taste buds all over the UK and beyond. Stay tuned!

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