Six ways to reignite your passion for business

Six ways to reignite your passion for business

Posted: Tue 22nd Aug 2023

Small business owners love what they do. Every member of Enterprise Nation's community is building something they're passionate about; the pride they have about their businesses is palpable.

Over the years, we've heard from advisers and business owners alike, detailing the highs and lows they've faced while undertaking the ultimate labour of love.

As many allude to, building a business means coping with challenges as much as celebrating successes. So, we've compiled some top tips to ensure that your passion for enterprise is never too far away.

What to do when business life becomes too much

It's inevitable that, at one stage or another, you, as a business owner, will face struggles.

Consequently, staying healthy and retaining a sense of perspective is key at this juncture. Here are six steps you can take to get back on track and rediscover the joy of running a business:

1) Remember why you started

Businesses are built around a "why" – the reason you worked so hard. It could be anything from sharing your family's traditional Indian recipes to making people feel good about themselves.

Take time to appreciate the reasons and inspiration for starting and think about how far you've come. Starting a business is a special undertaking – don't lose sight of that.

2) Talk to people in your network

Fellow business owners will be able to show empathy and provide advice in light of the current struggles you may be facing!

Reach out to the people in your network and share the challenges you're facing. Surrounding yourself with positive influences makes a big difference.

3) Get professional advice

Business mentors, accountants and other experts can help you deal with complicated challenges.

If the inability to figure out an element of your business is the root of your frustration, think about commissioning a consultancy session or getting an expert to take on the challenge. Never underestimate another pair of eyes.

4) Picture what success looks like – and plan for it

Failure to achieve your goals can cause anxiety. If you're struggling, consider putting long-term plans on hold and concentrate on the small steps you can take to improve the situation.

Your plan shouldn't be overwhelming, and in the short term, you should prioritise setting small goals (which lead to immensely satisfying small wins!).

When you're setting goals, imagine the emotions you’ll feel when hitting them; that way, they'll be challenging but attainable.

5) Take a break

Running a business normally means grabbing every available minute of the day. With so much to do, it's easy to forget to take time off.

Creating a healthy routine is paramount. It's doubly important when times are tough. Taking an impromptu afternoon off or giving yourself a mental health day can help you return to work feeling refreshed.

Your output will inevitably suffer if your mind is tired and bedraggled, so think long term; what are the net benefits of taking some time off to look after your mental health?

6) Celebrate the amazing things you've achieved

It's easy to forget the amazing things you've achieved when problems are weighing on your mind. Spend time thinking about the milestones you've reached. Your successes. Your accomplishments.

Writing them down is a good way to dispel negativity, acting as a reminder of what's brilliant about you.

Owning your own business is the toughest but most rewarding thing in the world. When it all gets a little too much – a stage every entrepreneur on the planet reaches at some point – take a step back, remember these tips, and come out the other side stronger.

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