Plan it with Purpose: An introduction to B Corp

Caroline Harridence
Caroline Harridence

Posted: Fri 24th Sep 2021

In this Plan It With Purpose video, Caroline Harridence, B Leader and founder of Counting Clouds Cambridgeshire Limited, shares an overview of what B Corp is and the benefits it can bring to a business.

Caroline also talks about what she's learnt from taking her own company through the B Corp certification process and gives her top tips for anyone looking to become B Corp-certified.


Plan it with Purpose

About Plan it with Purpose

Enterprise Nation has teamed up with Aviva and TSB Business to give 20,000 businesses the support they need to be more sustainable and have a positive impact on the planet, society and the economy.

For more information, visit the Plan it with Purpose hub


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Caroline Harridence
Caroline Harridence
I am an experienced finance professional with over 25 years experience. I am also very active in supporting businesses improve their social and environmental impact and sustainability. Having taken my own company through the B Corp certification process, I went on to train as a B Leader and now support other businesses achieve their B Corp Status. I also work with businesses to develop and achieve their social and environmental goals. I am very passionate about helping SMEs achieve their business goals and please do get in touch if you need any help.

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