Lunch and Learn: Making sustainability work for your business

Gavin Lendon

Posted: Thu 1st Jul 2021

Everyone talks about climate change and sustainability, but what does it mean to you and your business? What’s in it for you as a business owner? In this webinar, Gavin Lendon discusses why sustainability should be part of your business strategy moving forward.

With his in-depth knowledge of business strategy, Gavin has been advising clients since 2010. He watched the climate crisis first appear as a vague concept and has seen it develop into the crisis it is today. 

Since the 2000s, Gavin's personal interest in sustainability has become much wider and includes regenerative agriculture, ethical procurement and the whole industry around appropriate recycling.

Gavin prepares responses for clients with respect to sustainability and ethical procurement for public sector tenders – consistently ensuring his clients consistently rank first. 

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Why sustainability doesn't have to be expensive

  • Why sustainability is part of all of our futures 

  • Why it's key for your business to adopt a strategy for it

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Gavin Lendon
Hi welcome to my profile. I am a hospitality and sustainability consultant.  I own and operate two businesses. ROMULUS ADVISORY The first is a consultancy for the hospitality industry.  I help bar, club, hotel, pub and restaurant owners increase their revenue and profit whilst reducing their stress.  I achieve this through developing a straegy with owners to increase turnover, manage costs and improve profitability.  You can find me at www.romulus-advisory.co.uk or via social media listed under my personal social media profiles here. SUSTAINOLOGY UK My second business helps organisations like yours with sustainability.  We help you make positive changes that don't cost the earth. Sustainability is an extremely complex issue and goes well beyond helping the environment.  With over 134,000 mentions a month on social media and rising the complexity and volume of noise is there for all to see.  We can help you understand the problem and develop a strategy to make positive change a reality.  Read the Sustainology UK profile or visit the website Alternatively, simply contact me via social media or by phone so that we can understand your needs. A Bit About Me I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1991 and proceeded to work in corporate finace organising mergers and acquistions, helping clients prepare strategies supported by strategic and business plans. From there I worked in the City for organisations such as Amey, Land Securities, London Underground and Sodexo. Since 2011 I have run my own businesses working with clients large and small including Wilmott Dixon and Ashley House. I gravitated over to my love of hospitality where I have helped a number of pubs, hotels and restaurants with their business issues including strategy, business grwoth and funding. I have always had an interest in sustainability issues since childhood when I noticed the change in biodiversity when our local deciduous forest was replaced with conifers.  My passion was rekindled as the climate crisis worsened.  Using my experience of strategy design and implementation I am helping organisations reach certification under the various environmental criteria out there e.g. B-Corp and ISO 14001.  It is so great to combine a personal love with a business ambition.    

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