Meet the Enterprise Nation member food businesses pitching Selfridges today

Meet the Enterprise Nation member food businesses pitching Selfridges today
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Posted: Tue 30th Jan 2018

One of the benefits of Enterprise Nation membership is our relationships with big businesses looking for small business suppliers.

We recently put a call-out for members running food or drink businesses and the six below have been selected to travel to London today to pitch buyers at retail giant Selfridges.

Not bad for only £3 a month. Join Enterprise Nation today.

We have other Meet the buyer sessions for members still open for applications with Pets at Home and Sodexo. Apply here.

Nadeen Haidar, Roumani Ltd (trading as Sakbeh)

Describe your business in one sentence.

We cater and deliver the finest Syrian/Lebanese food nationwide.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your products are right for Selfridges?

Our food has been locally acclaimed by many as the finest and most wholesome Syrian/Lebanese food in London.

We have hosted a supper club dinner at the prestigious Leighton House Museum and we sold out on the first day. Our clients include Arab Embassies and celebrities such as Riz Ahmed have endorsed us in addition to celebrity nutritionists such as Rihannon Lambert.

We make speciality dishes prized by Arab Londoners that are rare to find in London. We use premium ingredients and we have vegan varieties that have proven popular as no other food provider makes vegan homemade-style Syrian/Lebanese food.

Selfridges currently has an Arabica food counter that sells similar cuisine, but we believe that our offering is different and will attract diversified client groups.

We can easily see how our food and brand fit perfectly in within the prestigious food hall of Selfridges.  Our customers continuously ask us how they could be able to purchase our meals in a more accessible manner and Selfridges would be the right match for our brand.

Michelle Le Goff, Ginger & Parsley

Describe your business in one sentence.

Ginger & Parsley offer premium frozen meals that are delicious and cooked with farm-fresh organic ingredients.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your products are right for Selfridges?

Our meals are targeting customers who are looking for premium, high quality ready-meals that not only healthy but also delicious. Therefore, I believe our products are right for Selfridges' customers who seek high quality products.

Nichol Harrison-Dwyer, Col's Kitchen

Describe your business in one sentence.

The most AWESOME pasta sauce ever created and put in a pack.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your products are right for Selfridges?

I launched Col's Kitchen sauces at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in 2016. The feedback was immense. On the last day, everyone was buzzing around as the Selfridges food buyers were there.

As I was new I wasn't really sure who they were or what they would be looking for. On the last hour of the last day, two lovely people approached my stand and complimented me on my branding they then tasted the sauce and were blown away. They were from Selfridges.

Two years later I have sold over 3,000 packs to small delis across London. I have also opened my own small restaurant and I believe I  am now ready to take the next step to get my sauces out to more people.

Col's Kitchens sauces contain ingredients including homemade sun-dried tomato paste, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, chianti wine; just to name a few ingredients that go into the tomato sauce alone.

There are 10 ingredients in that sauce all perfectly blended to be the BEST tomato sauce around.

Sylvia Garvin, Sejuiced Ltd (trading as The Refinery)

Describe your business in one sentence.

Refreshment Redefined: Imaginative spring water blends that invite you to Stop, Sip and Daydream.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your products are right for Selfridges?

After successfully piloting our drinks in local delis and tourist destinations, Selfridges would be a natural next step for The Refinery.

Like Selfridges, we appeal to experience-driven consumers looking for a taste of the extraordinary.

We're confident that our products would be well received as our branding and values resonate with the retailer's bold British heritage and its focus on craftsmanship and seasonality.

Over the past decade, we've worked carefully and methodically in our drinks kitchen creating unique flavour compositions and refining them until they're exactly right. W

We've had the pleasure of supporting well-known brands and chefs with their bespoke beverages for high profile occasions.

Now we've distilled our knowledge into a new type of drink: one that’s more refreshing than a juice, healthier than a soft drink and tastier than ordinary water.

We've blended Staffordshire spring water with quality natural ingredients to create distinctive taste experiences. Our recipes have a clean and refreshing finish, as there’s no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial ingredients.

The theme for The Refinery’s flavours is a Great British Day Out. When it comes to retail therapy, what better Day Out than a trip to Selfridges? And once you're shopped out, let us rehydrate you and whisk you away to a 'Boat Race' (Cucumber, Lemon and Juniper), a 'Country Show' (Strawberry, Basil and Rose) and a 'Rustic Retreat' (Blackberry, Elderberry and Sloe).

Shopping in Selfridges is the ultimate multi-sensory retail experience. We continue customers' sensory journey beyond the store as they leave the crowds behind.

The Refinery's drinks are the perfect accessory for a sumptuous picnic in nearby Hyde Park' with a Selfridges hamper of course**!**

Charlotte Bates, Good Carma Foods

Describe your business in one sentence.

Good Carma Foods supply the very best in quality, multi award winning plant-based, free-from foods.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your products are right for Selfridges?

We think that our multi award-winning products would sit well in Selfridges.

We produce artisan, top quality, natural, nutritionally dense nut-based cheeses that are made using the very best ingredients.

Our products are high end and top quality, just like all other products at Selfridges.

Sean Griffith, EarthPot Natural Foods

Describe your business in one sentence.

We produce a range of authentic Caribbean-infused, plant-based health food products sourced using 100% natural ingredients.

Why do you want to pitch and why do you believe your products are right for Selfridges?

Selfridges is one of the most, if not the best, bespoke artisan food halls in the UK reaching out to a mass variety of customers.

From our research, we know that a high percentage of our key customer segments "when asked where they would expect to purchase our products" referenced Selfridges' as one of the key outlets due to its reputation for stocking high quality products.

Our key audiences include: Vegan / vegetarian / free from / health conscious / ready meal / healthy snack & healthy meals so we would like to work together with Selfridges to be able to provide customers with our bespoke plant-based product which is not just a health conscious product but a time-sensitive product which the market is screaming out for right now.

Our product is unrivalled in the marketplace and we believe that this demand is only going to grow in the coming years. Vegan food sales increased by 1,500% in 2016 and we anticipate bigger numbers for 2017 data.

This is due, in large part to increased consciousness with over 540,000 vegans in the UK right now and with 25% of those based in the capital, it would be an ideal partnership for us.

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