Lunch and Learn: Why every business has a great story to tell

MELISSA FRETWELLMarketing & PR Consultant & Foundermelissa@whitecamino.com

Posted: Thu 11th Mar 2021

Watch back: Why every business has a great story to tell

In this webinar, Melissa Fretwell unpacked the power of storytelling. Melissa shared the classic form of storytelling, from an intriguing beginning, to a juicy middle and a satisfying denouement. Melissa will shared some easily digestible take-aways you can apply to your world, whatever business you're in.

Three things you will learn from this webinar recording:

  • Brilliant basics - how to set the foundations of your brand, from your why to your tonal values

  • Space to play - reframing your challenges in a playful way to start bringing your story to life

  • Actionable tips - a handy checklist to help you create the content which tells your story and resonates

MELISSA FRETWELLMarketing & PR Consultant & Foundermelissa@whitecamino.com
Hello, I am Melissa Fretwell the founder of super lean marketing agency White Camino. We are here to show you new ways to fix slippery marketing problems deftly and cost effectively. Drawing on our knowledge and creativity from far too many years in the story telling industries of media and entertainment from UKTV, BBC Studios to Channel 4, we have a knack of transforming the thing you are selling into a brand that finds a place in the hearts of your consumers. Decisions are rarely made with the head. We prioritise projects with challenger brands and those who are in the business of positive change for social or environmental good. They have great missions and are sleeping giants, ready to WAKE UP. That plus decent coffee is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We have worked with a wide range of challengers from the creative industries and the charity sector to parenting apps and hemp clothing. Solo entrepreneurs and small yet growing businesses are our thing. We break our services down into the 3Ds to cover every perspective:  1. Discover - new insights to unlock fresh thinking and new opportunity. From mainstream trends to niche consumer behaviours. 2. Dream - building strong challenger brands with stories that emotionally connect with your consumers and place you front of mind. 3. Deliver - it's all in the execution, from branding to content marketing and creative campaigns. We can scale with ease to meet the requirements of each brief, spending time and budget on what really counts. We are also part of global social enterprise and B Corps Hoxby which means we can access expertise which has already been sourced and selected for a particular marketing specialism from 3D motion design to media planning. We also deliver projects for Etsy, BBC Studios and ITV through Hoxby. Come chat, come challenge us. We have teeth but rarely bite.

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