Lunch and Learn: Discover your small business's uniqueness

Letitia Kapuscinska
Letitia KapuscinskaLetitia Antoinette

Posted: Mon 8th Apr 2024

In this Lunch and Learn, Duchess Letitia Kapuscinska explains how to unlock your business's distinctive potential. Learn to reflect on your skills and knowledge, which will guide you in taking the next steps within your business or even help recharge you if you’ve been experiencing a creative block.

Letitia also dives into how to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals tailored to your unique business objectives, ensuring clarity and focus in your pursuits.

Letitia is an entrepreneur with ventures in vegan-friendly makeup, gym wear, jewellery and customised essential oil perfumes. She has a postgraduate certificate in business innovation and entrepreneurship management from Birkbeck, University of London.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover how to do a SWOT analysis

  • Learn how to set SMART goals

  • Find out the key niche for your small business

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Letitia Kapuscinska
Letitia KapuscinskaLetitia Antoinette
I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’ve been an angel investor to many where il exchange the use of my skill sets towards their businesses over income and watched many flourish. I’ve always enjoyed growth through the bootstrapping methods and being as resourceful as possible. My greatest interest from my studying in business innovation and entrepreneurship management was social capital, system networks and policies. They are vital indeed.

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