Lunch and Learn: Practical tips to create a hybrid workplace

Lorna Watkinson
Lorna Watkinson
Vibrant Thinking

Posted: Thu 20th May 2021

Watch back: Practical tips to create a hybrid workplace

This webinar looks at what organisations need to consider as they plan for the future and a different model of working.

This is not a one size fits all situation and requires organisations to create their own solutions. In addition no one has all the answers so there is a need to adopt a test and learn mindset trying different ways of working and adapting as you go.

This webinar recording will look at the key considerations to take into account as you plan, what skills are needed for the future and how to make sure tech supports your model (not dictates it!)

Key considerations when planning the future of your workplace:

- What leadership skills are needed for the new normal

- The importance of figuring out what works for your organisation and THEN finding tech solutions to support this

Lorna Watkinson
Lorna Watkinson
Vibrant Thinking
Hi, I'm Lorna Watkinson is the founder of Vibrant Thinking. Prior to setting up my business I worked at Procter and Gamble for nearly 20 years. I was based in Newcastle but worked with teams in London and Geneva so understand the challenges (and benefits) of hybrid team working. I live in Northumberland with my daughter and 2 cats.

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