Lunch and Learn: How to create trust with manufacturers

Emmaline Vaughan Ronson
Emmaline Vaughan RonsonSource Lingerie Ltd

Posted: Wed 20th Mar 2024

Have you ever begun working with a manufacturer only for them to gradually stop communicating with you? Are they your dream manufacturer but every time a garment is sent to you, it comes back looking wrong?

In this Lunch and Learn, Emmaline Vaughan Ronson takes you through how to build a solid working relationship with your product manufacturers.

Communication is at the core when building trust; you need confidence that your factory will deliver what you want and when you want it. However, this relationship works both ways, so it's important you know how to convey what a factory needs from you in return.

In this session, Emmaline looks at the early stages of relationship building with manufacturers and how you can establish processes that will see you through in the long run.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover how to find a suitable factory

  • Learn how to overcome the dreaded radio silence or communication missteps

  • What preparation you can do beforehand to make for a smooth working relationship

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Emmaline Vaughan Ronson
Emmaline Vaughan RonsonSource Lingerie Ltd
I’ve had the privilege of working in our fashion industry for 25 years. In that time, I’ve seen the good and bad; the scaling and the failing. The connection between product excellence, ethical development, and a flourishing independent brand, is vital. For the last 14 years under my business Source Lingerie, I have single-handedly designed, developed and manufactured thousands of products for my cherished, small independent brands. What I learned quickly, was many founders felt held back by the complexity of developing their product ideas. The constant trial and error can slow the pace of results and push out that all important launch date, indefinitely. This kills confidence, eats away at the finances and motivation stalls to carry on. So I coach founders in how to tackle the process clearly and responsibly to put the joy into the journey. Giving you the tools and support to build the successful brand business you dream of. If you need support with your brand goals, product development or growth plans, get in touch and let's chat. Some of the aspects I cover with my clients: Advice on Product strategy to launch or optimising existing range plans Implement supply chains pathways and supporting clients through the process Consulting on product and material development including Tech Pack, BOM’s, price structures and Critical Path management Provide a clear product development road map that is easy to follow and time efficient.

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