Lunch and Learn: How to charge correctly as you scale

Karen Skidmore
Karen SkidmoreKaren Skidmore

Posted: Mon 6th Nov 2023

Deciding what to charge can be complicated, especially as you move from being a start-up and begin to deliver bigger programmes and contracts and hire staff to help with delivery.

Charge too much and you may not win enough business, but charge too little and you are in danger of your profitability being squeezed and your personal income reducing.

In this Lunch and Learn, Karen Skidmore dives into how to strike a balance that keeps your business healthy while avoiding pricing mistakes. She also shares her top tips for avoiding the ups and downs of inconsistent income.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Discover the 60% profitability sweet spot and the danger swings of going under or over

  • Find out how many consultants and coaches forget to pay themselves and what you can do to avoid this

  • Learn how to prevent the unsustainability of money-in-money-out sales growth

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Karen Skidmore
Karen SkidmoreKaren Skidmore
Small business growth mentor, author & menopause champion. After initial career with Hays Plc as a director in their recruitment division, Karen started her first coaching business in 2004, has continued to run her own consulting and coaching businesses since and has worked with hundreds of consultants and coaches over the past 20 years.

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