Lunch and Learn: Build a support system as a solo founder to boost sales

Laura Burton
Laura BurtonWell Happy Business

Posted: Fri 16th Feb 2024

In this Lunch and Learn, Laura Burton dives into how to handle the ups and downs of entrepreneurship by setting up support systems that work. She also explains how they can impact increasing your sales.

After 15 years as a global people expert, Laura became the owner of multiple businesses and a certified positive psychology coach – the science behind how to thrive. She takes a holistic approach to business by helping owners improve their wellbeing, life satisfaction, mindset and online sales through digital marketing.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Learn the key support systems and their link to sales

  • Discover why support systems can be the key to a thriving business

  • Find out how to implement your support systems

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Laura Burton
Laura BurtonWell Happy Business
I'm both an entrepreneur and certified Positive Psychology Coach, passionate about coaching business owners in strategy, performance and wellbeing. I pair my expertise of what makes people thrive from a happiness, performance, productivity and wellbeing perspective, with my expertise of launching 3 online businesses in product and service industries. If you want support in reaching your peak performance, creating your business strategy and being visible online without burning out, get in touch.

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