Announcing the launch of a new-look Enterprise Nation platform

Announcing the launch of a new-look Enterprise Nation platform
Emma Jones
Emma JonesOfficial

Posted: Wed 19th May 2021

After a sturdy spring clean, the Enterprise Nation platform is set for a new look. Over the past three years, we have worked to connect small businesses to support - and our aim is to keep improving your experience across the platform.

In June, a new journey will take you to relevant support - and connect advisers with businesses who want advice.

In the upgraded Enterprise Nation, which will be centred on a new-look Marketplace, you will be able to:

Rapidly access content and advisers

Enterprise Nation is being built on the latest technologies, which allows us to return results faster to members and advisers. Posts and profiles will be returned to you in seconds, allowing a seamless journey to connect you to the support you need via a new-look Marketplace.

Use your personal dashboard as a launchpad

Whether you are a member or an adviser, you'll see changes to your dashboard with updates sent to you direct so you can search, connect and engage with other members of the community.

This personalised dashboard will be your daily check-in point to see what support is available and to build a network across the UK.

Search using filters

Over the past 12 months, over 35,000 searches have taken place on the platform, providing Enterprise Nation with insights on what you're looking for when it comes to business support.

We are applying upgraded search technology to provide you with a better matching experience. You will be able to search by types of support (e.g. marketing) or by location (e.g. Leicester). Search for 'marketing in Leicester' and you will see related events, experts, training, content and offers.

Don't know what you're looking for? The Business Health Check will help with that.

Build a brand and a business

For advisers with a subscription to Enterprise Nation, it'll be easier for you to upload content and track discovery calls and service requests. In addition, the new-look platform will feature:

  • A new seamless navigation to update your profile and complete the sections that will get you noticed

  • Built-in data to help you stay on top of the current demands for business support on Enterprise Nation

  • Nudges to show you where you can boost your visibility through your profile or by uploading content and events

Join the Getting started on Enterprise Nation event for advisers on 16 June to discover how to find clients, boost yourself in search and build your brand.

Advisers on Enterprise Nation benefit from building profile amongst an active community of over 100,000 small businesses, many of whom are seeking support.

Find out more on what it means to become an adviser with Enterprise Nation.

If you receive the weekly Enterprise Nation newsletter (it's free to subscribe), you'll be first to see the faster and smarter version. If you are an adviser, you'll get tips on how to make the most of the new features. Small businesses and advisers across Ireland can also sign up and access tailored support in their region.

Thanks to a top tech team - led by CTO Billy Johal - for putting in the hours to bring the next version of Enterprise Nation to life. I hope you will like the result.

Please join my group to offer feedback.

Emma Jones
Emma JonesOfficial
Following a degree in Law and Japanese, Emma joined international accounting firm Arthur Andersen, where she worked in London, Leeds and Manchester offices and set up the firm's Inward Investment practice that attracted overseas companies to locate in the UK. In 2000, bitten by the bug, Emma left the firm to start her first business, Techlocate. After 15 months, the company was successfully sold to Tenon plc. The experience of starting, growing and selling a business from a home base gave Emma the idea for Enterprise Nation which was launched in 2006 as the home business website. The company has since expanded to become a small business membership community of over 75,000 people who benefit from events and support: online and in person. Enterprise Nation also presents a campaigning voice to government and the media on behalf of its members. In 2021, Emma was awarded a CBE for services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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