Kim Sprague, founder at Flamingo-Life interviews Bami Kuteyi

Bami Kuteyi
Bami Kuteyi

Posted: Mon 2nd Mar 2020

Kim Sprague, founder at Flamingo-Life interviews fearless female role-model Bami Kuteyi, creator at Bam Bam Boogie.

Hear how Bami quit a job at Google to inspire and motivate females, full-time through her dance and fitness movement, Bam Bam Boogie. Bami shares what it takes to be a fearless female in business and teaches us:

- To embrace who we are!
- Start each day with affirmations i.e you are fearless, you are smart, you got this
- Confidence isen't something we are born with, it takes practice 
- Start small and start to step out of your comfort zone day by day

Follow Bami's journey on Instagram at @bambam_boogie and connect with Bami via the Enterprise Nation platform.

Learn more about Kim and her coaching business, Flamingo-Life on Instagram at @flamingolifeuk and connect with Kim via the Enterprise Nation platform.

She's Got This
This interview is part of the She's Got This series, powered by Enterprise Nation, TSB, O2 for Business, UPS and Xero to support women start and grow a business in 2020, on their own terms. Watch more videos and masterclasses here.

Bami Kuteyi
Bami Kuteyi
Bami Kuteyi, founder of Bam Bam Boogie a community that aims to form fearless women around the world through innovative dance fitness practices such as ‘Twerk After Work’. She talks about finding her identity and confidence via dancing, and of the course stories and memories that had a big impact on her life.

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