How to create a successful new product or service

Mark Neild
Mark NeildManaging Directormark@agileering.com

Posted: Sun 5th Nov 2017

Many people think launching new products and services is inherently risky, but in fact the opposite is true. The biggest risk actually comes from not "productising" your unique skills and resources.

In this online masterclass, Mark Neild from Agileering will cover:

  • what makes a successful product

  • how creativity relates to the development of new products

  • the importance of your product and your business model

Mark Neild
Mark NeildManaging Directormark@agileering.com
We empower creative businesses owners to increase their impact by focusing their skills on the customers that most appreciate them. We de-risk launching new offers with "Pitch the Perfect Product" and develop skills to lead innovation.

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