How effective is your marketing?

How effective is your marketing?
Susana Marambio
Susana MarambioBeacon Business Commercial Services

Posted: Mon 28th Aug 2023

As a small business owner, you invest significant effort in promoting your products or services. But how can you be certain that your marketing endeavours are yielding results?

In this blog, I explore some straightforward methods you can use to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make informed decisions for your business's growth.

1. Define your goals

Begin by aligning your marketing objectives with your business goals. To assess the effectiveness of your marketing, establish clear goals.

What are you aiming to achieve through your marketing initiatives? Whether it's increased sales, heightened brand awareness, enhanced customer engagement or another objective, precise goal-setting helps you more accurately measure your success.

2. Measure lead generation

Evaluate the success of your marketing by the leads and inquiries it generates. Keep a record of both the quantity and quality of leads.

Where are your leads originating from? Are individuals completing contact forms, downloading materials from your website, or scheduling discovery calls via your social media profiles?

A consistent influx of leads suggests you're reaching out to your audience in an effective way, capturing their attention.

3. Track website analytics

If you've invested effort and resources into your website, it's crucial to gauge the impact of your marketing through website analytics.

Tools like Google Analytics provide valuable insights into website traffic, user behaviour and conversions. Pay attention to metrics such as:

  • visitor count

  • bounce rate

  • time spent on site

  • conversion rates

4. Monitor social media engagement

Social media platforms wield considerable marketing influence. Monitor your social media presence and engagement levels.

Are people clicking to learn more or downloading content? Are they interacting with your posts via likes, comments and shares? Robust engagement signals that your message is resonating with your target audience.


Watch this webinar to learn the five pillars of effective social media:


5. Assess conversion rates

Ultimately, the effectiveness of your marketing hinges on conversions. While follower count matters, what truly counts is whether your followers are taking action.

Are people performing desired actions, such as making purchases, subscribing to newsletters, or requesting quotes? Analysing conversion rates reveals the success of your efforts in driving potential customers to become paying ones.

6. Listen to customer feedback

Customer feedback holds significant value. Engage with your customers and seek their insights. Are they referencing specific marketing campaigns or promotions? Do they recall encountering your brand across different marketing channels?

This input offers an opportunity to evaluate the impact of your marketing efforts from a customer's viewpoint.


Watch this webinar to find out where your customers share their opinions and discover the best cues and clues you should be listening for:


7. Survey your customers

Conducting surveys provides direct insight into your marketing's effectiveness. Ask customers how they discovered your business and what influenced their decision to opt for your products or services.

This data helps you understand which marketing channels are most proficient in attracting and converting customers.

8. Analyse marketing costs versus revenue

Maintain a watchful eye on your marketing spending and the revenue it generates. Calculate your customer acquisition cost (CAC) and compare it to your marketing budget.

Should your marketing expenses outweigh the revenue you've made, it may be prudent to reassess your strategies.

9. Stay updated on industry trends

Given the dynamic nature of marketing, remaining current on the latest trends, techniques and technologies relevant to your industry is crucial. By staying ahead of the curve, you make sure that your marketing endeavours remain effective and competitive.

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Susana Marambio
Susana MarambioBeacon Business Commercial Services

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