Helpful tools for start-ups experiencing growth

Helpful tools for start-ups experiencing growth
Ada Obioha
Ada ObiohaADAVIRTUAL Business Support

Posted: Wed 11th May 2022

For many start-ups and small businesses, the stage of growth is one of excitement but can also be overwhelming.

We have put together some useful tools and software that can help you during this time, meaning you and your processes are better set for the future.

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Automation tools

Saving time and automating workflows is key when experiencing growth.

It allows you to focus on the important things and know that everything is efficiently working in the background.

Example: Zapier is such a tool and moves info between your web apps automatically.

They have many different integrations (or Zaps), including automating your form submissions (Typeform, for instance) to add files or create folders in your Google Drive.

This makes it easier to direct new documents to the right place.

Online documents

As you grow, your team may also expand.

To set yourself up for successful future onboarding, it may be worth considering creating an online document (such as a staff handbook) where new team members can easily find your policies, company information and important links to company software and processes.

Example: Coda. At ADAVIRTUAL Business Support, we use Coda to create a staff handbook.

This not only contains information for new staff members but it's also a place where we can provide resources for staff training and share our HR policies.

Some of our clients use it as a single source of truth (SSOT) for their organisation.


As you grow, you need to keep track of your customer relations. Having a CRM and a good system in place means you know exactly where your client contact details are and where they are in the sales process.

Example: HubSpot. This company offers a free CRM which is great for small businesses and those starting out. Then, as the company grows. you can upgrade as needed.

Learn more about CRM software for small businesses

Communication tools

Many businesses rely on emails and video calls for their team, but communication tools can also be useful for instant messaging and keeping in touch.

Example: Slack. It can not only be used as a great tool for keeping your remote team in quick and easy contact with each other, but also helps to give projects a dedicated channel, rather than looking through email chains.

Project management tools

If you and your team have a number of projects or tasks that need organising, a project management tool is a great aid.

As your business grows, you can easily keep track of the progress of tasks and who is responsible for completing them.

Example: ClickUp. This project management tool helps you figure out who’s doing what and brings all your tasks, projects and resources into one place. There is also a free version that can grow with your business and be upgraded when needed.

HR tools

Alongside growth, it may be worth investing in HR software to help manage the team. This helps you to keep all your team data in one place and delegate permissions to the right people.

Example: CharlieHR. This software has an aspect of self-serve HR which lets team members complete their own admin when onboarding. A great time-saver!

Time tracking tools

Have you ever wondered where all your time is going? You may be surprised to learn that something is taking up a lot more of your time than you first thought.

By using a time tracking tool you can get a clear sense of where you are actually spending your time vs. where you would like to be.

Example: Toggl. The team at ADAVIRTUAL use Toggl to track our time and projects for different clients.

This allows us to see a clear breakdown of where we have spent our time and allows us to better manage our time and expectations for future work.


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Ada Obioha
Ada ObiohaADAVIRTUAL Business Support
Ada is the founder of ADAVIRTUAL Business Support. Ada founded the company in 2015 after spending much of her career as a business analyst, project & operations manager across the public and private sector. Based in West Sussex, Ada started the business with a vision to make it the ultimate virtual administration and operational support for fast growing businesses, who need to manage their time and business operations efficiently. Ada is a digital tools expert and harnesses the power of online tools to bring calm to chaos in organisations. This in turn boosts productivity, maximises effectiveness an ultimately improves profitability. Ada is on a mission to provide every small business with operational & administrative support. Lack of time and resources is a problem that hinders small businesses from growing so Ada founded ADAVIRTUAL with the mission to take the administrative burden off small businesses using the most appropriate digital tools, so that they can focus on their core products or services which they need to provide for their businesses to succeed. ADAVIRTUAL brings passion, experience and dedication to support our client’s businesses. Our success is not only measured by our own growth but also on the success of our clients. ADAVIRTUAL was part of the Small Biz 100 2020 and were the Runners-up South East England Virtual Assistant of the Year 2020 and 2021. Website:

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