How to use Global Entrepreneurship Week to boost your sales

How to use Global Entrepreneurship Week to boost your sales
Peter Ibbetson
Peter Ibbetson

Posted: Tue 8th Nov 2022

As the North Yorkshire and Humber Local Leader, in our meet-ups, the consistent cry is: “my biggest issue is getting new clients”.

That’s all about getting known at the right time, for the right reasons. I spend most of my day in JournoLink, profiling businesses in the media.

Talking of the right time….make the most of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

So, how do you go about it?

Using a specific event when the media will be paying particular attention to small businesses is one of the best times to catch the eye of journalists.

Why is that important? Because nine out of 10 of us make our buying decisions based on trusted reviews, and over half of us trust journalists more than anyone else in providing those reviews.

Global Entrepreneurship Week, from 14 to 20 November this year, is one of the top annual events to make the most of.

Here are four top tips:

Create news, not an advert

Journalists look for something that will interest their readers. Telling a compelling story is a must.

Craft a captivating headline

You need to capture the eye of the journalist in just a few seconds. The headline is the most important part of a press release.

Add an irresistible image

A relevant image that will draw the eye of a reader into an article will often be the difference between getting picked up and getting overlooked. Make sure you add the killer image.

Target the right journalists

Finding and making sure that the journalists who are most likely to be interested in your story are the ones that you target will boost the chances of winning media coverage.

Businesses can do the PR outreach themselves and there are plenty of really good freelancers and agencies ready to help accessible through the Enterprise Nation directory of advisors.

Relevant resources

Connect with Peter today for more brilliant business support.

Peter Ibbetson
Peter Ibbetson
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