Give your business services a spring clean

Give your business services a spring clean

Posted: Mon 16th May 2022

Unless you’re very well known and connected, clients won’t necessarily be banging down your door to work with you. It’s up to you to find potential clients, communicate how you can help them and, crucially, convince them to pay for your services. 

Consider your Enterprise Nation profile to be a virtual shop window; a chance to create a great first impression and attract potential clients.  

My top tip when trying to attract new clients is to upload a portfolio of business services. Services are your chance to showcase how you can support the community, and advisers who add services benefit from increased visibility across the platform.
There’s no limit to the number of services you can add; the more you add, the more you'll be discovered. Take a moment to give your services a spring clean. 


Follow these guidelines to ensure that your services stand out: 

Make your title specific: Small business owners are often time-poor; they’re likely to overlook your service if the title doesn’t clearly define what you’re offering.  

Use key words: This will ensure that your service appears in search results across the platform. For example, if you’re offering financial services, avoid titles such as ‘Consultation’ or simply ‘Accounting’. Instead, try ‘Bookkeeping’, ‘Completing your self-assessment tax return’ or ‘How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign’. 

Be descriptive and avoid jargon: Make sure small business owners fully understand what you're offering by providing clear details of the service that you’re offering.  

Add more than one service: Members won’t know what expertise you can offer unless you tell them. If you’re a marketing expert, for example, add services for every area that you’re able to offer support (i.e. advertising, branding, PR, content writing, social media or market research). 

Consider your price point: Small businesses often have tight budgets so are likely to search for the most affordable options. Inflated prices could result in fewer requests. If you're happy to offer bespoke pricing, choose the "prices may vary" option.  

Manage your services 


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