Meet nine entrepreneurs who will inspire you to start a business in 2024

Meet nine entrepreneurs who will inspire you to start a business in 2024

Posted: Wed 17th Jan 2024

One in five UK adults say they want to start a business. That figure rises to over one in three in the age group, 18 to 34-year-olds.

If you fit the description of someone who feels they have more potential with their career and dreams of becoming their own boss, there's no time like the present to get started!

There is an abundance of support for individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions and if you’re getting tired of staring at a screen, we’ve got a high-energy in-person event for you!

Join us at King’s College for StartUp Show 2024 on Saturday, 27 January and enjoy access to over 100 inspirational entrepreneurs and small business experts across 13 different zones.

Here is a flavour of some of the inspiring speakers who will be sharing their expertise on the day:

Minal Patel

1. Minal Patel, Marketing with Minal and Enterprise Nation adviser

Minal Patel has worked in marketing for over 20 years and loves the variety. She says: "No two days are the same and it’s this variety that makes marketing so special to me."

Something that has made running her business easier is tech and not just in marketing. Minal is a big advocate for using technology to streamline what she does. "Given I’m the only person in my business, anything that makes my life easier is a win in my books,” she continues.

Kiki Bhaur

2. Kiki Bhaur, 9 Designs and Enterprise Nation adviser

Kiki Bhaur has been in the industry for over seven years and knows that brands are a powerful part of the future. He is thus on a mission to build a thousand positive impact brands. To do this, he runs interactive and engaging brand-building workshops for start-ups and small- and medium-sized businesses.

Rosie Davies-Smith

3. Rosie Davies-Smith, PR Dispatch

Rosie Davies-Smith started PR Dispatch to offer affordable PR support to brands that couldn't afford to spend thousands on a PR agency each month. She explains: "We give our members everything they need to pitch their products to the press. Since 2014, I've worked with thousands of brands and nothing makes me happier!"

Renee Fraser-Shepherd

4. Renee Fraser-Shepherd, Sloobie Skiwear 

Renee Fraser-Shepherd spearheads the revolutionary base layer company, Sloobie Skiwear, which seamlessly blends integrated shapewear with sophisticated designs, without compromising on technical excellence.

Starting Sloobie Skiwear from her university room, Renee's inspiration stemmed from annual ski trips where she struggled to find base layers that were both stylish, well-fitted and functional.

In its debut full ski season, Sloobie Skiwear has already garnered acclaim from Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Red Bull and secured placement in the esteemed luxury retailer, Fenwick.

Dan Goode

5. Dan Goode, Making Goode

Dan Goode is a speaker, curator and mentor and has been the chief talent scout for two online galleries. He is also the founder of Making Goode, through which he provides one-to-one mentoring and business advice and above all support for the design and making community.

Fab Giovanetti

6. Fab Giovanetti, Alt Marketing School and Enterprise Nation adviser

Fab Giovanetti is an award-winning author, entrepreneur and marketer of 13 years. She is the CEO of Alt Marketing School, looking to make marketing more impactful, accessible, inclusive and fun.

Featured in The Next Web, Business Insider and Forbes among others, she was nominated as one of the 50 digital women to watch in 2023 and 2022. She was also recognised among the top 100 marketers in 2023 by Growth Daily and one of the Top 100 Marketing Influencers Index 2023.

Lauren O'Donnell

7. Lauren O'Donnell, Oatsu

Lauren O'Donnell is the founder of the breakfast brand, Oatsu. Endorsed by BBC Dragon, Steven Bartlett, Oatsu delivers freshly prepared overnight oats to your door and is available in Holland & Barrett nationwide, with plans to launch at the Co-op in 2024.

Oatsu recently closed its oversubscribed Seedrs crowdfund, raising 250% of its initial target.

Joe Kaul

8. Joe Kaul, ONQOR Group

Joe Kaul is a 27-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the ONQOR Group, a fast-growing marketing and tech agency. He has over a decade of expertise in marketing, earning recognition by Forbes on its 2023 30 Under 30 list.

Beyond his thriving agency, he is building a machine learning AI tool to disrupt the marketing industry.

Andrew Eniwumide

9. Andrew Eniwumide, Happaning

Andrew 'Ando' Eniwumide is an award-winning inventor and 'techpreneur' with over 12 years of commercial experience. He also happens to be the dyslexic founder of Happaning – an app that lets you preview an event with real-time videos from people at the venue.

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