How Dropbox's tech tools can help with your international expansion

How Dropbox's tech tools can help with your international expansion

Posted: Wed 20th Sep 2023

The past three years have taught us that being digital-first, saving everything on the cloud, and having clear processes are necessary when living in a world of constant change.

And to navigate that change, businesses have deployed a whole host of different tech tools – sometimes to their detriment. Too many tools can actually lower productivity, as employees have to switch between a cumbersome number of applications while also trying to stay on top of the influx of notifications.

A well-thought-through set of tech tools (known as a "tech stack") becomes even more vital as a business grows and expands internationally. In that situation, the business must streamline its processes and support different ways of working with employees and partners across the world and in different time zones.

The Dropbox approach

Dropbox is a global business with a "virtual first" strategy and teams based in lots of different locations.

In our experience, for any company planning to expand overseas, it's essential to have a single, AI-powered platform that can seamlessly integrate all business-related apps and tools and organise all work content. That way, you and your employees can focus on what really matters.

When you have one centralised dashboard screen for all files and processes, you're able to easily access the content and data you need wherever you are. That's why, practising what we preach, we created a platform that brings everything – traditional files, cloud content, web shortcuts and teams – together in one place.

Having this "one source of truth" lets you catch up and work with your team in a way that suits you. For example, if you have people working in different time zones, you can send them an activity update rather than having a call. It may sound obvious, but for many growing teams, bringing it to life may require a shift in mindset – and the right technology can allow that.

Getting the power of AI

At Dropbox, we've long believed in AI's potential to completely transform knowledge work. In just the last few months, recent advancements in AI have opened up a new world of possibilities. But it's clear that we need more personalised AI that can answer questions, provide insights, and help us find what we need at work.

That's why back in June we were so excited to introduce Dropbox AI and Dropbox Dash, our new AI-powered tools.

Dropbox AI

Dropbox AI can quickly summarise content – from PDFs to video files – and get answers. It helps you to quickly understand large documents or videos (such as long contracts or meeting recordings) without parsing through the entire file.

With the click of a button, you can summarise your content into a concise explanation. Soon, for those that want it, we'll be rolling out Dropbox AI to folders and entire Dropbox accounts.

Dropbox Dash

This is the AI-powered universal search tool for work. Today, many of us work across hundreds of browser tabs and desktop apps. In fact, knowledge workers spend 8.8 hours a week just looking for files and content.

Meanwhile, 69% spend up to 60 minutes a day navigating between apps. And this only gets more challenging as teams grow across different locations. So, we set out to build a tool that can help you spend less time searching and organising all your content and more time efficiently doing your best work.

Dropbox Dash is powered by AI and connects your tools, content and apps in a single search bar. It also links to major platforms such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, so no matter where your teams or colleagues are based, you can find everything in one place quickly.

Useful Dropbox features for creative teams

Dropbox also offers tools that are particularly useful for creative teams such as designers and video producers, who often have to work "on the go" and from ever-changing locations.


The Capture feature helps you communicate ideas with your teams and collaborators around the world. You can do this by creating screenshots and adding text and call-out boxes and shapes, then sharing them.

Capture also allows you to record your screen and camera at the same time to create professional screen recordings and gifs, as well as easily voicing over processes. This helps cut down on lengthy emails that can be open to interpretation, or having to juggle calendars that bridge late nights and early mornings to bring people together.


Replay is a media review and approval tool that allows collaborators to mark up, comment and finalise video, image and audio projects.

Useful Dropbox features to sort admin

One of the potential pain points for companies growing internationally can be sorting documents and contracts with clients and partners. Dropbox has two tools to help:


The Sign feature lets you request and add signatures to documents. It streamlines your document-related processes by helping you prepare, send, sign and track agreements with legally binding e-signatures. You can also use pre-built templates to prepare and sign your documents faster.


You can also use DocSend to send documents securely and track how they're being read and used. It removes the need for sending attachments and increases security by controlling downloads and restricting document access.

Final thoughts

International expansion is a challenge for any business. However, having the right tech tools that support your team, give you the right insights and simplify communication and feedback can make international trade simple and a fun journey along the way.


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