Building successful start-ups: A CTO's perspective

Posted: Tue 4th Jun 2024

Don't be scared of technology.

Many first-time founders get overwhelmed when thinking about technology and have no idea where to start.

In this episode, we talk about what we have seen as the traits of good founders versus bad ones and what early warning signs non-technical founders should look for in their tech team.

Here's a quick summary of some of the main points discussed:

Traits of good founders

Traits of bad founders

  • A lack of self-awareness can lead to self-imposed ignorance

  • A lack of understanding of technology can be detrimental

What separates successful founders

  • Knowing who their first 50 users are

  • Understanding what they don't know

  • Being a little delirious and hustle, willing to lean into it

Warning signs for start-up owners regarding CTO behaviour

  • Sever relationships with individuals who won't show their work

  • Demand transparency and understanding, even if you're not technical

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