Best of 2023: The top Enterprise Nation Groups

Best of 2023: The top Enterprise Nation Groups
Owen Harding
Owen HardingOfficial

Posted: Mon 11th Dec 2023

Enterprise Nation's many Groups have proven to be a superb medium for small business owners to network with one another, seek or impart advice, as well as keep up-to-date with all things Enterprise Nation.

Furthermore, there are a large number of regional Groups, spanning the whole of the UK and Ireland, allowing entrepreneurs to connect easily with local, like-minded colleagues.

Picking five of his favourite Groups of the past 12 months is Enterprise Nation's community maestro, Owen Harding.

1. StartUp Show 2024

  • 797 members

  • Hosted by Enterprise Nation

There's no better place to start than the StartUp Show.

It's fantastic seeing budding entrepreneurs utilise this group ahead of the show each year, introducing themselves and their businesses to fellow members. This group also presents a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with next January's event and ask questions ahead of the action.

We have quite a treat this year for StartUp Show, marking its 10th anniversary! Join us on Saturday, 27 January at King's College London. Be sure to secure your tickets today!

Join the StartUp Show 2024 Group here

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2. Women in Business network

If you're a female founder with a thirst to collaborate, troubleshoot or simply chat with over two thousand other group members, be sure to sign up today!

Although this group is set up to specifically support women in business (including trans and nonbinary women), the group does not discriminate.

Join the Women in Business network Group today

3. Green businesses

With the world changing fast, we need to make sure our impact on the planet is positive.

Run by one of our fantastic and most active advisers, Dakota Murphey, this group has become something of a hub for SMEs to locate resources and upcoming events to support them in producing green and sustainable output.

Join the Green Businesses Group today

4. Marketing for small businesses

Whether starting or scaling, finding effective marketing strategies is critical in any business setup.

If you need advice or are a marketing guru, offering up your services or discussing the latest trends, this group, run by our CMO, Lorna Bladen, usually has what you need.

Join the Marketing for small businesses Group today

5. Pre-launch founders, inventors & creatives

Is your pitch a winner? This group has become the go-to place for budding entrepreneurs to pitch and refine their business plans and strategies, with some support and advice from the experts.

Join the Pre-launch founders, inventors & creatives Group today

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Have a look through Enterprise Nation's many groups today!

Owen Harding
Owen HardingOfficial
Hello, As Enterprise Nations' small business community manager I'm on hand to assist you in finding the support you need. Guiding you through every step of your user journey, I can match you to the resources needed to help you develop your business through a seamless platform experience. Please contact with your questions!

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