4 ways to create a professional image

4 ways to create a professional image
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Posted: Wed 8th Apr 2015

In the world of small business, you have a matter of moments to convey the right image and create a lasting impression. Improve your chances of achieving this and winning work by following these four steps.

A wonderful website

For visitors who meet you online, receive them with an attractive welcome. There's no longer any excuse to not have a great looking website when you can pay maximum of £25-£40 per month for template websites like Moonfruit, Squarespace and Shopify. You simply choose a preferred look, upload products, apply prices and you have a good-looking home on the web.

As soon as you're able, use an email address that corresponds with your website address ie no hotmail or yahoo email accounts - they just don't look good!

The phone always answered

If you're working a day job and starting the business at nights and weekends, or find yourself in meetings/writing proposals/ briefing the team, make sure the phone is always professionally answered so you don't miss any opportunities and clients get to feel served. For this, we cannot speak highly enough of Moneypenny. It's the service we use at Enterprise Nation and it's a must for any small business wanting to create a professional impression when the client calls.

Enterprise Nation community can benefit from trialling Moneypenny free for 2 weeks.

Business cards that look the part

That phone number that always gets professionally answered? Include it on your business cards too! Have a collection that makes you stand out and leave a lasting impression. Our favourite provider, by far, is MOO as you can include images of products, quotes of your choosing or anything else that takes your fancy on the back of the cards. Offering your MOO set as a selection and inviting the person you've just met to choose one from the pack is always a great way to start a conversation.

If you don't want to include your home address on the cards, consider a virtual office with companies like Regus and Mail Boxes Etc. Also include your email address and social media links so the recipient has a number of options by which to keep in touch.

Enterprise Nation community can benefit from 20% off MOO printing using the discount code KHGK29

The story of you

Take a look at that all important 'About us' page on your website and consider if it needs a bit of TLC. Key points to include on this page: a professional looking image of you (and any team members) plus well-written description of why you started the business and highlight clients and credentials. You have seconds to startle the visitor. Do it with a professional image and copy to match.

Taking these steps means moving in the right direction of creating a professional image that will make clients feel much more confident about their decision to buy.

Enterprise Nation
Enterprise NationEnterprise Nation
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