What we've learned in 12 months of video production

What we've learned in 12 months of video production
Steven Mayatt
Steven MayattPocket Creatives

Posted: Thu 9th Mar 2023

Video production can play a part in boosting any business, but it's an investment that should be managed with care and intention so that you're getting the best out of it.

We make almost 100 video deliverables for our clients across different markets each year, and here are some of the trends that we've identified which carry us into 2023.

There's a greater need to tell your story

More businesses are creating brand films to not only tell their audiences why their products or services are worth buying but are also telling their own stories.

Customers are choosing to buy based increasingly on company values and ethics, whether that be due to sustainability or responsibility. You can give your customers more reasons to choose you above your competitors by sharing what you and your company stand for.

Events are back!

With Covid not as instrumental in our daily lives, in-person events are back with a vengeance. We're seeing more brands attending industry events and increasingly as pop-ups in stores.

An events video needs to show why you've attended, beyond simply saying "I was there". It's a great opportunity to capture customer thoughts and feedback, run competitions, and increase the buzz over social media.

Video and photography

This aspect has been increasing year-on-year, as our clients tend to book up both services at the same time. It's often more cost-effective to commission stills and video if they can be run as part of the same time - as savings can be quite significant if you're sharing certain resources (such as a studio, actors, or hired props) compared to booking individual shoots.

Getting both types of assets also gives you greater range and variation, especially if a shoot is destined to output to social media.

More people are opting to create themselves

Gone are the days when you had to hire a professional crew for everything. Now, it's about working out what you can save money on to do yourself, and when it's worth spending some money to bring in a team.

Everyday social media content should feel real to a viewer, and "quality" matters less. If anything, lowering the quality has a benefit by adding authenticity, which works well for things like Instagram and Tiktok.

However, if you're creating social media ads or HR videos, then anything but higher production values won't cut it.

Product listings need video

We're seeing a huge uptick in those also requesting video for e-commerce and product listings, to accompany product photography.

This is usually seen as an enhancement to a product listing, using video to reach parts that stills just cannot! For example, getting to see the flow and movement of a dress or other fashion garment, or demonstrating how to use a skincare product as part of an application regime.

Producing video for product listings is arguably the biggest area of growth that we've seen in 2022.

All videos, everywhere!

We're big on value for money here at Pocket Creatives anyway, as there's nothing less satisfying than creating a piece of work to see it receive 14 likes and 2 shares on Instagram before its life ends.

A video should be created with flexibility in mind, with a core video being made for a set purpose, but having the ability to be reformatted, re-edited and re-shaped for use on your website, all of your social channels, blog posts, and everywhere you have a presence.

So what's to come in 2023?

The demand for video will continue to grow, but with the economy as it is, budgets will drive more decisions over what can be made, and more importantly how it's made.

If I'm offering any advice, it's to be protective over your budgets, and ensure that value for money and wide usage are at the heart of any new brief you give to a production company.

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Steven Mayatt
Steven MayattPocket Creatives

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