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05 05 2023
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07 11 2022

About Duncan Battishill

I have over 20 years of experience working with small & medium sized organisations helping Leaders and Commercial Teams improve their results. I have coached leaders & their teams within a wide range of industries including Accountancy, Education, Engineering, Medical & Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Media, Veterinary Science & Travel, Technology.

Unlike many consultants & business coaches, I have founded five businesses myself, as well as having been on 6 Advisory Board Roles. These experiences have led to being a retained Advisor for 20+ small & medium sized organisations, and Mentee’s participating in the Help To Grow Programme have found my sharing of these valuable and relevant as they explore practical ways to grow their own organisations.

I am frequently asked to both to speak & train on UK & Internationally focussed entrepreneurial programmes including LSBU, Leaders in Innovation Programme for the Royal Academy of Engineering, Bristol Business School, Amam Ventures, HR Independents & London CIPD events.

Duncan’s mentoring experience

Lead Coaching Partner - Altrix Consultants (2002-2023)

Business Mentor, Royal Academy of Engineering (2020-2023)

Mowgli Mentoring – Driving economic & social change in the Middle East, North Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America (2020-2023)

Mentor in Residence, Team Entrepreneurship University of West of England (2020-2023)

Supervisor in Scale Up Mentoring Team, UK Help to Grow Management Initiative, London South Bank Business School (2021-2023)

How Duncan can help your business

I see my primary role as being a non-judgemental ally, helping provide objectivity & support, and to help navigate what you can practically implement within your own organisation. Often Leaders can attempt to implement well intended best practices without knowing how, or failing to see the full context of how they adapt it to their own organisational context. I aim to help you identify the best 3-5 initiatives that will help them improve their own performance or teams’ results.


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