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03 05 2023
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21 10 2021

About Sally Marshall

My experience is in strategy, planning and performance from working in the House of Commons. I now use that knowledge to work with businesses to help them grow.

I'm the author of a book on the Balanced Scorecard - what it is, why you need it, how you do it and how you use it. This is something that I did in the Department for Information Services in the House.

My own business journey has taken me into the world of publishing where I now produce a business magazine aimed at start ups and SMEs

Sally’s mentoring experience

I was a mentor in the House of Commons.

I have also worked as a business advisor for Social Enterprise Kent, working on a project funded by Folkestone & Hythe District Council and also the South East Business Boost.

I worked with several clients who had received funding from Kent Community Foundation to work on their strategy. For this clients I produced a business plan to help them generate new income streams and get their businesses into a better place after Covid

How Sally can help your business

My passion is helping businesses thrive.

Sometimes that just means having a sounding board for ideas, sometimes it means using management tools such as the balanced scorecard to really see what is happening within the business.

I'm an ideas person and can often see what is happening even though it isn't initially obvious. The problem often goes deeper and needs a bit of digging to get to the root of the issue before you can look for a solution


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