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12 03 2023
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19 06 2022

About Karolina Lewandowska

Karolina is a startup fundraising and investment expert. In her current position as a Managing Partner at StarBeam venture capital fund, she spends the majority of her time providing strategic advice to startups, reviewing pitch decks and structuring investment deals.

Karolina’s mentoring experience

I will act as a sounding board and guide you through 1:1 mentoring. I will be a good listener, ask the right questions, and be passionate about helping you achieve your business goals.

How Karolina can help your business

Karolina has a strong focus on the energy sector, on developing and delivering zero-carbon transition strategies, innovating, and driving growth. She is an experienced global energy professional who held increasingly senior positions with Fortune 500 energy companies since 2008. Since 2015 Karolina has been mentoring and advising startup founders in Germany, the US, and the UK.

As a founder of She Leads Company, she’s also a champion of female founders and hopes to inspire more women to start their own companies and get the backing they need to bring their big ideas to the world. Having worked with both investors and business owners she is known for her investor-operator mindset and strong business judgement.


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