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09 12 2022
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07 04 2018

About Jon Wellman

A sounding board; I’m here to challenge your current thinking, your processes, and even your goals.

I am University of Life qualified, experience over theory, and spent large parts of my life speaking Truth To Power trying to prevent mistakes that are all to obvious to those doing the work.

I have a particular interest in Social Value, and how this links to Workplace Culture and Leadership, which in turn leads to improved Motivation, improved Recruitment and Retention and improved Innovation. Basically, how soft skills benefit the bottom line.

Jon’s mentoring experience

I am a member of the Association of Business Mentors and of the Enterprise Nation Coaching and Mentoring Community and am a partner in the Khensu group of Business Advisers.

I have mentored in the military and across the business environment.

I have also supported developing leadership in young people in a number of programmes, including overseas expeditions and mentoring those leaving school.

How Jon can help your business

As a natural Systems Thinker, and with experience in the widest range of sectors, I understand how the systems within the business work, and regard continuous improvement, and the support of those involved, as integral to success.

I am interested in looking holistically at your business and am happiest when I am engaging with business owners to look afresh at the business and consider alternative ways of doing things.

(Sectors I have extensive experience in: Retail, Catering, Hospitality, Tourism, Logistics, Defence, Adventure Training, Knowledge and Information Management, though reluctant to call myself an expert).

I don't have all the answers, or all the questions, but I have a fresh approach to thinking that could well be the critical friend you are looking for.