The VALUE ADDING assessment and strategy session

The VALUE ADDING assessment and strategy session
Christine Nicholson
Christine Nicholson
Business Mentor
Nicholson Hall Consulting Ltd

The VALUE ADDING Assessment and Strategy Session

Ever wondered what makes some businesses worth more than others?  Do you know how your business is performing – not just your numbers. 

This in-depth assessment of your business shows you everything you need to know to add real value to your business.  You’ll be able to identify where you can spend your time, energy and money to add the most value to your business for now and in the long term. 


Designed for business owners, founders and senior leadership teams in owner managed businesses, the Value Assessment helps you build a business that is attractive to buyers, investors and employees alike.

How the Value Adding Assessment works in 3 simple steps:

  1. The VALUE Assessment – lets you know where your business is right now and what’s diminishing the value of your business

  2. Build a priority ACTION PLAN so that you know what needs to happen to add the most value for the least effort

  3. IMPLEMENTATION with support and guidance from someone who’s been on the journey many times before and can transfer the knowledge and experience to you and your team.  I’m with you all the way

You get a business that is worth more, makes more profit and can run without you when you are ready to leave. 

Lasting Benefits:

It also helps you:

  • Decrease staff turnover

  • Connect with the right customers

  • Lead your team more effectively

  • Increase your reputation in your industry (and business in general)

What you get

  • a report that shows the strengths and weaknesses in your business that will affect the value

  • action plan so you can do something about it

  • peace of mind that you are working on the stuff that adds more value to your business

Yes please?  Then let’s get started

Christine Nicholson
Christine Nicholson
Business Mentor
Nicholson Hall Consulting Ltd
I'm an award winning Business Mentor with 25 years’ experience of running companies in multiple sectors, I’m in the right position to help business owners because I've been there and I’ve lived to tell the tale. * I’ve started, built and exited multiple successful businesses * take a business £0-£4.5m turnover in 15 months * rescued a bankrupt company from millions in debt to an eight-figure exit in under 18 months More than just experience, I've studied hard to become a Chartered Management Accountant with a law degree, a post-graduate degree in Information Systems Management, and becomes a Professionally Accredited Business Mentor. (I'm a safe pair of hands).  I've also written 4 critically acclaimed business books - and am writing my 5th one now. Give me a call. It takes a few minutes and could have a lifelong impact - 0333 567 8011

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