The Podcast Launcher

The Podcast Launcher
Debra Levitt
Debra Levitt
Virtual Business Manager
Bridge Road Consultants

By the end of the Podcast Launcher, your podcast will be available on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn and Stitcher*.

You will have recorded and released a show intro that tells everyone what your show is going to be about.

Your first full episode recorded and released!

Your podcast will have it's very own music and custom artwork.

The Podcast Launcher package includes:​

- Definition of your show concept - including style, frequency, name
- Set up of your show on a podcast host
- Creation of podcast artwork
- Creation of intro & outro music
- Advice on software and hardware requirements
- Production of your show intro
- Production of your first episode
- Waveform video of your show intro and first episode
- Submission to iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher & TuneIn
- 3 months core podcast hosting
- A launch plan
- Monetisation options
- Training on basic editing and submission processes

Total cost: £1,197 including VAT
Debra Levitt
Debra Levitt
Virtual Business Manager
Bridge Road Consultants
I moved to the UK a very long time ago (so called friends tell me I am now more British than Canadian!) and now very much see England as home. My life is a mixture of spending time with friends, borrowing the most beautiful dog (be warned - I may be a tad smitten with him!), working with business buddies as we try to grow our businesses and endeavouring to get back into horse back riding which I miss immensely. Like many, I am a huge tennis fan for the 2 weeks of the year that Wimbledon is on! I have a podcast which is partially business and partially pleasure as I really love speaking to so many different inspiring business owners. In spare time, I experiment with my creative side by creating new patterns and designs and enjoy photography as well. I now combine my experience of planning, love of technology and talking by working with people and businesses to launch their own podcasts.

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