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14 03 2023
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17 01 2022

About Mark Tickel

With over 30 years of post qualification experience as a Chartered Accountant I ensure that my clients not only correctly deal with all of their statutory and taxation compliance issues but I also take the time to really talk to them about the financial numbers in their business, their pain points and where and how they may need help to deal with concerns such as cashflow issues and profitability and growth.Once I take the time to fully understand their business and personal goals (not just financial ones), ie their WHY, I can provide my clients with a clear and understandable plan as to how we can work together to achieve these goals and thereby improve both their lives, the lives of family and others that are important to them and the lives of team members and their loved ones too.

Mark’s mentoring experience

Business planning, forecasting and goal setting is a crucial building block for all successful businesses and I totally agree with Stephen Covey and "start with the end in mind".With the recent advent of some amazing new technology I want to help clients to harness this to the max and to increase their bottom line and/or free them from evenings and weekends of financial paperwork.

In short I want to wow all of my clients and I want those clients to really recommend me to others who need help with their numbers and who also want to feel the wow.Through better understanding of financial numbers I believe better decisions will be made which will create better financial results creating a better business and a better life for business owners, their staff and the wider community.

How Mark can help your business

With better lives comes a better world and that belief gets me up in the morning and makes me believe that accountants really can make a difference.If this sounds like the kind of help your business wants and needs then call me on 07769703045, email me at or dm me on linkedin


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