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Seizing opportunities after lockdown and not getting left behind

Seizing opportunities after lockdown and not getting left behind
Margaret Wood
Margaret Wood
Business Support Adviser
VMG Associates

Whether you are a beneficiary of the Government’s Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS), furloughed, made redundant or were looking to return to being economically active before the Covid-19 pandemic, there are steps that you can take now to ensure that when lockdown eases and the economy opens again, you are able to seize opportunities as they present themselves and not get left behind.

Research shows that getting ahead in a professional environment is primarily based on three key elements:

1.     Performance – how good you are at your job and how good the results are of what you do.

2.     Image – is about you and how you are perceived.

3.     Exposure – is all about how well people know about what you do.

The following is not ‘One size fits all’. I offer a free initial consultation with no obligation to continue further. Depending on the outcome of that conversation I follow that with a bespoke mutually agreed development plan.

For example, I can help you review your Performance with an exercise that will encourage you to reflect on:

  • Your existing skills and how you can use them.

  • What your biggest achievements have been.

  • What you would really like to do now.

  • What is stopping you?

  • Who is stopping you?

  • What further skills/knowledge you need.

  • What help you need.

I can support you in developing a positive Image by:

  • Exploring how you can gain confidence by being willing to be receptive to feedback from others and also disclosing information to others about yourself to help build relationships.

  • Looking at the importance of giving and receiving good development feedback  to help improve confidence.

  • Examining how you communicate with confidence through:

o             Body language

o             Tone of voice

o             Words

  • Considering ways to gain personal and professional recognition.

Gaining Exposure is about marketing yourself and your personal brand. To do this you must increase your visibility and create and expand your network. I can help you to explore ways in which you can get yourself known and become involved with those you want to influence.


Have you always dreamed of running your own business, of being your own boss?

It is a big step so before you take the plunge would you like to find out what is involved and whether it’s right for you?

Join my Starting Your Own Enterprise programme.

Explore the suitability of starting your own enterprise and determine the knowledge, skills and abilities required to start and run your own business.

If you already have an idea, I can help you to develop it and check if it is a viable proposition.

If you do not have an idea yet, I can show you where business ideas might come from and take you through the process of setting up and running a business.

If you know of other people who would be interested in forming a small group, I am happy to offer discounts on the per head rate.

Margaret Wood
Margaret Wood
Business Support Adviser
VMG Associates
My involvement with the development of women began in 1994 when I was appointed as Programme Director for women’s courses in the Inland Revenue. Over the next 11 years I designed and facilitated a residential training course and became licensed and ran around 50 Springboard Women’s Development programmes throughout the UK. Since becoming self-employed in 2005 my interest in women’s development has continued and I have worked with women who have not been economically active for some time, those who want to start their own businesses and those who want to raise their profile in the public sector.   

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