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23 05 2023
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About Manmeet Abrol

Entrepreneur with a finance background and extensive experience in innovation and business development. Throughout the years, he has founded a number of companies specialising in Fintech, Payments Solutions, CRM, ERP, Telecommunications, Digital Marketing, and Utility Management and has developed a global network of diplomats, customers, partners, and investors.

Manmeet’s mentoring experience

Entrepreneurial experience and a desire to help others unlock opportunities through his expertise. In a 1:1 mentoring relationship, Manmeet will give you advice and act as your sounding board.


National Family Business Awards UK

Year 2018 - Entrepreneur Award of the Year

Year 2018 - Innovation & Technology Award of the Year

Year 2017 - Rising Star Award of the Year


Year 2013 - Marriott Mustang European Director of Finance The Ritz Carlton Powerscourt, Ireland

How Manmeet can help your business

As an expert communicator, Manmeet specializes in startup coaching from idea to Series A. He has expertise in business development, mentoring and lecturing, innovation, and team management.

Start-up's: Idea Generation, Writing Business Plans, Forecasting, Sales Strategy, Marketing, Cash flow

SME's: Strategic Management, Change Management, Project Management, Process Mapping, Marketing Strategy, Sales Development


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