Quick chat by Darja Coko Mihajlovic

Quick chat by Darja Coko Mihajlovic

Are you struggling with your window display; don’t know how to attract more customers to interact with your products; which artwork to choose for your display or any of the similar questions? I can help.

If you have some quick questions about your retail design ideas and you would like to run them by a design professional, send me a message here or on and through any of my social media. I regularly check all of them so you can expect a prompt reply.

I'm Darja, founder of DCM Designs. From my interior design studio in London, I create remarkable spaces that deliver on dreams. For me, the desires of a client are above everything else and it is my passion to re-imagine their vision. I have a multidisciplinary approach and focus on B2B, offering retail and pop-up store design services.

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