Premium Client Services (One-time payment)

Premium Client Services (One-time payment)
Elena Meskhi
Elena Meskhi & C0

Over 20 services that business owners may need. Our expertise ensures the accuracy and speed of those processes.

1-1 hour telephone consultation
2-Consultation and follow-up report
3-Accountants Reference Letter
4-Due Diligence prior to company formation
5-Bank account to open for new company
6-Limited company formation
7-LLP Company Formation
8-Plc company formation
9-Business Consultancy and Strategy Planning for Proposed Venture
10-Past due date accounts production service
11-Letter of Confirmation of Residence
12-Certificate of Residency from HMRC
13-Document Legalisation
14-Certificate of Good Standing from Companies House notarized and apostilled
15-Non resident capital gains form
16-Additionally requested service - price per hour
17-Tax optimisation consultation & review for remuneration packages
18-NINO application
19-Passport copy certification services
20- Xero Training & Integration
21-Dividents Waiver
Elena Meskhi
Elena Meskhi & C0

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