Power-Up Profits Programme - Customer Experience Business Coaching that delivers Results

Power-Up Profits Programme - Customer Experience Business Coaching that delivers Results
Antoanella Pernette
Impression CX Ltd

We've created this powerful and unique method enabling small business owners to understand the principles, then create and implement remarkable customer experience as a core strategy to business growth and profitability.

A holistic coaching approach & powerfull method designed specifically to do three things:

  • increase sales & profits

  • grow a loyal customer base 

  • reignite & harness the forces that drive business success 

Seven-steps to creating a remarkable customer experience, leaving great impressions, building a profitable business that stands out!

We developed the I.M.P.R.E.S.S™ method because there was nothing that aided entrepreneurs / small business owners to design, create and implement a holistic & strategic CX concept, whether they are starting-up or in an established business. Remarkable experience and the impressions your organisation creates & leaves in the minds of your clients, are the most important competitive advantage you could ever have.

The results:  improve your bottom line with more sales, higher profits, reduce churn & costs and position your product/service as the must-have. Success today and growth tomorrow directly depend on that. Any product or price can and will be copied. Only remarkable experiences remain unique & compel clients to come back, spend more.

To increase sales & profits you need more than just rely on unpredictable number of customers walking through your door. You need a proven method that gets you out of the commodity race and systematically turns your customers into raving fans.

You need the KNOW-HOW to create a profitable “WOW”.

With the I.M.P.R.E.S.S™ Master Method we give you exactly that, plus the support, at the level you need it, to achieve lasting results.

Often, Customer Experience is considered to be just another trendy marketing technique. We believe this is profoundly wrong! Remarkable Experience is a strategic choice. 

So think about it…. what are you selling? Are you selling what your customers want to buy and/or will remember, then come back for more? Or are you selling just a product for a reasonable price, like many others out there? What are you competing on?

The I.M.P.R.E.S.S™ Master Method is the tool you need to create remarkable Customer Experiences around the product or service you already have or are about to launch. A tool that will enable you to streamline and focus your organisation on creating impressive & remarkable experiences every day.

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Find WHY. Learn HOW. Create WOW.

Antoanella Pernette
Impression CX Ltd
I do CX - that is my SuperPower. Helping small businesses understand what their clients really want. I help them build tribes of raving fans, fall in love with each other and stay that way, by implementing remarkable Customer Experience (CX). Taking a stand for the human side in Customer Experience (CX), I believe every business should implement remarkable experience as a core strategy for growth and profitability. It matters not what you sell, people buy from people! That is true still today, perhaps even more than ever. But without remarkable experience, a business will forever remain in the commodity race. Because any product/service can and will be copied. Any price can be beaten. Only experiences are and forever remain unique. I believe, in the overcrowded marketplace today, the most important competitive advantage a business could have is remarkable Customer Experience (CX). And thus, I do CX. I coach small business owner how to create and implement the CX SuperPower.

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