Personal Mind Manual© Workshop & Coaching

Personal Mind Manual© Workshop & Coaching
Jasper Meehan
Jasper Meehan
Course to Steer

The Personal Mind Manual is a workshop that introduces you to some of the pages of the infinite user manual of your mind.

It will help you:
- Identify and remove blockers
- Create liberating habits
- Stop wasting effort and time

We introduce you to your personal user manual.

We guide & coach you through a series of exercises that help you reflect and act.

Procrastinate less, and find more energy and focus to take action where it’s important to you.
Find ways to work on your terms, and create the environment that ‘fits’ you.
Open (and act on) new opportunities.

Enjoy the process of prospecting.
Feel more at ease to ask the important questions, negotiate, and deal with objections.
Turn more of your customers into partners.

Increase efficient team working and interpersonal relationships.
More fluid problem identification and resolution.
Make meetings more effective.

Gain more traction with key stakeholders.
Present your programmes better.
Reduce wasted time and effort.

Improve your coaching.
Give more powerful feedback.
Create drive in your team.
Improve innovation and increase autonomy.
Jasper Meehan
Jasper Meehan
Course to Steer
I have been working for the past 15 years as a Business Coach and Training Facilitator, specialising in helping people in business become more effective in their communication, and maximise their use of effort and time.  As a Life Coach, my job is to help my clients to access the keys to achieve a balanced and fulfilling life. They will be supported to explore their attitudes and habits, and figure out which of these help them, why they hold on to those that hinder them, and make the changes necessary to replace them with new, helpful, rewarding approaches. I am also a successful sports coach, working with racing and commercial sailing skippers to hone their skills to be the best they can be.  I love music and reading. I love discovering new information or methods that I can use today and tomorrow.  I love to understand how things work, especially when it comes to how our minds work.   I love the ocean and being at one with the universe. My current project: I have sailed for many years and am now preparing to complete a circumnavigation. The project started very recently with the purchase of a small sailing boat, and the first step is to sail across the Atlantic in 2023.

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