More Than Media Make Me Famous - More Than Just a Masterclass..

More Than Media Make Me Famous - More Than Just a Masterclass..
Jo Swann
Jo Swann
PR Agency Founder & PR Coach
Chocolate PR

This is something brand new from us, and eeeeek are we giddy about it!

We adore working with female business owners who are ready to rise, and see it as our job to help support you to shout loudly and proudly about the work you do and the impact you make.

We are here to help you make MORE impact, MORE money and MORE waves with your work, through the power of PR. We want to help YOU become a PR Powerhouse!

This is for you if:-
- You've been in business a little while and are changing lives - but you know you can do more
- You have a desire to change lives and a commitment to do what it takes to reach more people
- You're ready to claim your No.1 spot in your industry
- You're ready to step up to be seen in 2022, no more hiding
- You've dabbled in PR but didn't really feel it's power
- You've never tried PR but know it's your next uplevel and are driven by a passion fuelled mission
- You're intrigued and would like to find out how PR can supercharge your business

Come and join us for an epic hour as we take you through:-
- Our 5 Steps to Famous (Our 5 pillars of PR that take you to a new level of success)
- How to uplevel your PR to create a profile that pays
- The power of creative campaigns to make your mark

You will learn :-
- There is so much more to PR than just press releases
- Media trust tags are just the start
- That the wider world opportunities at your fingertips are INCREDIBLY exciting....and accessible to YOU.
- Our 5 steps to Famous! - which will help you supercharge your business growth
Jo Swann
Jo Swann
PR Agency Founder & PR Coach
Chocolate PR
I’m the founder of Chocolate PR, an award winning PR agency I established over 17 years ago, after working in journalism, media, marketing and PR agencies. I believe PR is for all of us, not just the big boys and I’m passionate about helping women who really don’t believe in themselves get empowered through coverage in the national press. Facing imposter syndrome head on I work with clients to create confidence in their message, and to craft their story in a way that produces pride around their business and an excitement for future growth…and we have lots of fun along the way! I have worked on newspaper newsdesks, as a magazine editor, as an online content editor for media groups, in radio and also within marketing teams. I have built the business up organically from scratch, focusing initially on working with big businesses and corporates and have over the years worked with companies of all sizes including the likes of Whistles, NSPCC, learndirect, Marriot Hotels, Yo! Sushi, Dale Carnegie as well as with celebs. BUT - a niggling feeling was lurking that I could have more impact with my skills and after pretty much hitting burnout I decided to ditch corporate, and I did a massive about turn and started to work with individuals, particularly service based female entrepreneurs.  My focus is now firmly on helping female entrepreneurs and start up businesses unlock the power of PR to raise their credibility and visibility by getting in the press, so they can make the impact they deserve because there are TOO many incredible entrepreneurs with passion fuelled businesses who are hiding in the shadows.

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