Legal Advice - Employment

Legal Advice - Employment
Mel Stead
Mel Stead
Managing Director
Optimal HR Services Limited

At Optimal, we understand that all employers face a multitude of legal risk when dealing with its employees, and that from time-to-time it may be necessary to seek legal assistance to ensure that this risk is addressed and minimised.

Our in-house legal team has a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of employment law and the practical application of legal principles in the day-to-day operation of organisations of all sizes and in both the private and public sectors.

We aim to provide;

1. A friendly and approachable service;
2. Accessible, comprehensible and jargon-free advice;
3. Practical and workable solutions to problems;
4. Swift response times

Our in-house legal team is available to offer support, guidance and advice to employers in the following areas;

1. Drafting of contracts of employment and senior Service Agreements;
2. Implementation of internal policies and procedures;
3. Handling complex disciplinary or grievance cases;
4. Dealing with sensitive or substantial discrimination allegations;
5. Whistleblowing issues;
6. Maternity, paternity and other family friendly rights;
7. Flexible Working requests;
8. Business transfers, mergers and acquisitions;
9. Implementing large-scale redundancy programmes;
10. Wide-ranging business restructures and reorganisations;
11. Negotiating exit packages for senior staff;
12. Drafting Settlement Agreements.

Optimal can also provide expert legal representation for businesses in the defence of Employment Tribunal claims, covering matters such as;

1. Unfair dismissal claims;
2. Constructive dismissal claims;
3. Discrimination claims;
4. Whistleblowing claims;
5. Equal Pay claims;
6. Claims for Redundancy payments;
7. Holiday pay claims;
8. Deductions from wages claims

We recognise that employers may be fearful of potential legal costs. At Optimal we strive to ensure that our clients have a range of options to manage their incidence of legal fees, and that they receive true value for money.
Mel Stead
Mel Stead
Managing Director
Optimal HR Services Limited
I run Optimal HR Services, a professional HR services company supporting small business with all aspects of their HR requirements. I have over 30 years in HR starting at the bottom and working my way through to being a Vice President of HR for a global manufacturing firm across 70 countries. Optimal provide end to end HR support which means we can be your entire HR support managing the adminstration and the basics like drafting Contracts of Employment & handbooks, providing general advice, right through to supporting employee relations issues and on to strategy. We also help clients through project support, helping them through mergers, acruaitions, TUPE transfers, Harmonosing Terms & Conditions, conducting HR Audits, Pay & Benchmarking Reviews and all things organisation design. My email is and our contact number is 0330 0881857

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